Throughout the past mentally grueling work week, this question keeps coming to mind: “why is this stuff so exhausting?”. The answer, I think, revolves around the idea of being thoughtful.

Marketing, branding, graphic design – all these should be thoughtful, meaning they deserve focused, quality thinking. Sure. But the best work is thoughtful in the way of good manners. It considers deeply how each action or word will be received by others (more specifically, the ones you’re entertaining) and desires to make the moment enjoyable for them. In terms of a strategic thought process, it requires a lot of energy to put yourself in the audiences’ position and anticipate their reaction. It requires even more to exert control over their perception, and create the experience you want to take place. Add the need to be consistent, time after time, and you’ve got yourself a challenge.

In everything we do at Cardwell Creative, we strive to both direct audience perceptions, and create an enjoyable moment – whether it’s intellectually stimulating, funny, sweet, provocative or whatever; it should never leave you feeling like you just wasted 30 seconds of your life (unless that’s the way we wanted you to feel).

At the end of the week, this sort of work leaves the diodes smoking.